Schlüßhof Seminare

Two Tango Argentino seminars in 2018, 70 km north of Berlin, thougt by Caroline and Thomas.

Diego Mastrángelo and Evi Anesti are hosting a milonga and dance classes in Thessaloniki, Greece – and organize tango trips.

Sunshine Tango

Tango holidays in Tenerife, April and August. Tought by Christiane Rohn & Constantin Rüger, organized by Susanne und Alan Twigg.

Einfach Tango

Helmut Balzersen from Bielefeld offers usually two trips in Germany, Wendland and Baltic Sea.

Daniela and Raimund from Berlin offer Tango Marathons, a trip to the volcano island Stromboli and a lot more. Check them out!

MAX tanzt

Tango trips mostly to Tuscany (Italy). Besides Tango a lot of other tours with ohter dancing styles (ballroom, latin, Zumba, and a lot more).


Besides his workshops in Kassel, Berlin, Nuremberg, etc., Suer Ünal offers usually three trips per year to Barcelona, Buenos Aires, and Istanbul.

Tango Safari

In spring to Tuscany, in summer in a Polish castle. Tango combined with a lot of body work techniques like Feldenkrais, Pilates, Release Techniques, Massage, Percussion, and Yoga.

La Milonga Tango

Germany, Crete, Toskany/Umbria, Mallorca, Spanish coasts – and a retreat in Germany accompaied by psychotherapists.