Danza y Movimiento

Not alone Tango trips to Argentine, Uruguay, and Italy, but also Salsa on Cuba and in Mexico.

Tangotanzen macht schön

Susanne & Raffael are organizing trips to several places in Germany, often with a little extra like wellness or gourmet cuisine.

Bailando Tango Cruises

Annette Spiegel organizes Tango cruises through South America, Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea – besides trips to lovely places in the Alps.

Villa La Rogaia

Tango workshops under the mediterranean sun with famous teachers such as Andreas von Maxen & Laura Priori, Brigitta Winkler or Daniela Pucci & Luis Bianchi? Tango vacation and Italian Dolce Vita in Umbria! 12 packages in 2017 between April and November.


Susanne Illini and Harald Rotter are organizing trips to Mallorca, Berlin and Bonn.

Musica Viva

Trips for a big lot of instruments, including bandoneon and Tango orchestra knowledge, but also some Tango courses. All in German.

Tango Ocho

Vera & Leonard from Stuttgart (Germany) offer about 2 trips per year to Crete. Their slogan is “Tango, Sonne & Meer”.

La Berlinesa

La Berlinesa, aka Ines Mousavi, is a Berlin based Tango school and organizer of about 20 journeys per year, most of them to Croatia and Proitzer Mühle (Germany).